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         Full Protection Plan (FPP)

  • Carrier's Full Protection Plan ( FPP) is a comprehensive maintenance contract including parts and labour , for owners of air conditioning equipment who desire peace of mind at a fixed price.


  • Fixed annual fee - no extras

  • 24 hours emergency services

  • Periodic Inspections

  • Preventive maintenance.

  • Service by factory trained & EPA technicians

  • Optional support from 24 hours remote monitoring center through our Carrier comfort network (CCN).

    Carrier's Maintenance Service Plus (CMS+)
    Carrier's Maintenance Service Plus is a maintenance contract (excluding parts) for owners of airconditioning equipment, at a fixed price.

    Carrier Comfort Network
    Carrier's state of the art building management system called "CCN" can be used to retrofit your existing HVAC system. By Providing CCN, you can reap the benefits of :

  • Energy Savings

  • Reduced Operations Costs

  • Reduced Maintenance costs

  • Energy Management Costs

  • Open Protocol

    BLYGOLD – The Ultimate Condenser Corrosion Protection:
    Condenser coils are prone to harsh climatic conditions reducing its life.  Blygold provides the ultimate protection against corrosion in time thereby increasing the life of your air conditioning equipment. Carrier Kuwait offers Blygold coating which greatly helps in maintenance of your AC units.

    UVC emitters emit UV radiation to kill bacteria & mould. Some of its benefits are destroying mould, bacteria & virus & providing genuinely germfree conditioned air, no more cleaning of coils, increased life of coil and significant savings in energy costs up to 20%.
    Carrier Kuwait offers UVC emitters to help improve indoor air quality of your AC units.

    Servicelink – 24 Hours Remote Monitoring Center:
    Carrier Kuwait’s ServiceLink is a PC-based unique monitoring center to remotely control your air conditioning equipment 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. Servicelink option is available upon signing FPP.

    Compressor Oil & Vibration Analysis
    Carrier Kuwait’s experts can identify the state of the internal parts of your expensive centrifugal & large tonnage reciprocating compressor by taking oil samples, conducting vibration tests and careful analysis.

     Carrier Kuwait provides replacement option of your old AC equipment




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